Drink Tax Monies Being Used Outside of Port Authority
December 10, 2008, 8:19 pm
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When Executive Onorato realized that the Drink Tax and Rental Car Tax would collect more money than expected for Port Authority (for 2008, the County needed $27.5 million, budgeted $32 million, and will collect at a minimum $44 million), he decided that the County could use the interest on Drink Tax collections, along with any monies collected over the amount needed for the Port Authority subsidy, on non-Port Authority expenses. The County budget for 2009 reflected this wish.

Mr. Onorato and council members promised when they passed the 10% Drink Tax, the revenue raised would be exclusively used for the Port Authority and that they would search for other sources of revenue to subsidize it. Well, they have done neither and their reckless political actions have crippled the Pittsburgh region’s hospitality industry in an already tough economy, so our fight continues.

Look for a lawsuit in the near future…


Policy Brief: County Executive’s Comments Trigger Questions
July 24, 2008, 9:57 pm
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Hey Allegheny County Council, how about doing your job and run a better government!

Here is another Brief from the Allegheny County Institute for Public Policy – County Executive’s Comments Trigger Questions.

Policy Brief: Amalgamated Transit’s Outlandish Sense of Entitlement

OK, check it out. A Bus Driver in Allegheny County can retire at 46, get his/her full health care benefits and it’s too upsetting to write anymore! You have to read for yourself the outlandish entitlements we’re been paying for to PAT and now we’re giving up the Drink Tax to them too – UGH!

Only in Allegheny County!!

Read this new Policy Brief from the Allegheny County Institute for Public Policy – Amalgamated Transit’s Outlandish Sense of Entitlement.